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Grief and Loss: How experiencing grief is different for everyone

Did you know that there are many types of grief? For example, there is ambiguous loss, anticipatory grief, complicated grief, delayed grief, and many more. We know that grief can come with anger, overwhelming feelings of sadness, confusion, hope, acceptance, and fear.

Here is an explanation of a few common grief types experienced by individuals:

Ambiguous Loss: Loss that is experienced that leads one to seeking answers and clarity as they may have felt there was no closure or a clear understanding to what happened and how it happened. Maybe one lost a relationship with a parent, or sibling, or an ex-partner without clarity, that has led to confusion.

Anticipatory Grief: This type of loss occurs when an individual is expecting the death of loved one or themselves; this grief can manifest in more intensified levels of anger and emotional dyregualtion. However, there can be more closure and meaning that can be experienced for the individual expecting loss.

Delayed Grief: This is grief experienced well after the loss and can feel confusing for an individual.

Grief resulting from changes in normalcy and adjustment: Did you know that grief can occur when changes and adjustment occurs in your life? For example, at the beginning of the pandemic and during, many individuals experienced stress encompassed in the loss of normalcy, routine, and meaningful activities. Many experienced grief attached to not being able to attend sporting events, working out at the gym as they could before, and spending time with loved ones. There was deep sense of sadness, and anger that was felt by many.

This is just a short list of grief. There are many other types. We wanted to bring attention to grief as often it is a hard topic to discuss for many. The TEAR model of grief, teaches us that it is important to accept the reality of the loss, to experience the pain of the loss, to adjust the new reality and and re-invest in the new reality. Many of our therapists utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (an evidence-based model) to help individuals work through loss and to build a new and meaningful reality from/during the loss. To learn more about how you may be experiencing loss in your life, please contact us today at or book online with one of our therapists.

We are here for you at Open Skies Therapy.

-Teena Singh, MSW, RSW

Open Skies Therapy

2168 McIntyre Street

Regina, SK

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