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Why is a therapeutic relationship so important!?

Hello Folks! Often, I see individuals who feel nervous about how seeing a therapist and question how they will connect to a new therapist. I always tell them its healthy that they are questioning connecting to their therapist as research indicates that

a good therapeutic relationship is directly related to better outcomes in therapy! As Simon Fraser university professor, Adam O. Horvath, PhD notes, “It’s primary in the sense of being the horse that comes before the carriage, with the carriage being the interventions."

Primary to the therapeutic relationship is mutuality- "the notion that therapy is a two way relationship in which the therapist and patient/client are equal partners." We take setting therapeutic goals together seriously at Open Skies! We know that each individual that presents to us is unique and we create a partnership with our clients in understanding who they are in terms of their personality, motivations, and narratives. We ensure that we are flexible and responsive to clients needs while simultaneously lightening sessions through humour and human connection when needed!

So, if you are on the other side of this blog- questioning the importance of feeling like you need to be able to find someone you can connect to--- please know you are on the right track! Have the best day!

Teena, Open Skies

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